About Studio 6277

Welcome to Studio 6277 online concept store,  a source for discoverers, aesthetic enthusiasts and art lovers opening exclusive doors to first and limited editions of feel-good products. Imperishable in design and function. Handpicked or created by founders Ann-Katrin Weiner and Christine Holch who know how to find the ever exceptional piece that meets the zeitgeist of creativity you are eager to capture.

Studio 6277 means shopping with conscience. Every successful launch of a self-created collection is accompanied by a carefully-chosen project to protect the oceans. Just as essential is sustainability: all packaging is made from recycled components. The textile productions are all made in Turkey and follow the strict rules of the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI).


About ooooh

This is ooooh. It’s a towel. The most exceptional towel in the world. The four Os represent the four circular cutouts, four windows to endless possibilities.

Use ooooh to dry yourself off. Fold it into a bag for your beach belongings, your laundry or for collecting treasures. Turn it into a sail, an awning, a baby cradle, a swing, a hammock, a superhero’s cape, make it the perfect cover for your beach chair – one the wind cannot carry away.

Designed by Jan Dobmaier and Vincenz Warnke the super soft terry towel is made of 100% organic cotton and comes in new colors every season. Look forward to limited editions in collaboration with outstanding designers and artists. ooooh marks the first collection by Studio 6277 and sponsors a marine mammal at Firmm Foundation. 

Every ooooh is produced under the strict rules of the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), the largest cotton sustainability programme in the world. Better for the people who produce them, better for the environment.

The Better Cotton Initiative, launched in 2005, promotes a more sustainable way to grow cotton worldwide. BCI aims to improve the key environmental and social impacts of cotton cultivation by making it more economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable.

Why ooooh? You will always need a towel. Choose a companion that suits you. For a long time.